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Dear Cattle Producers,

It is a privilege to write this letter for such a fine group of Angus breeders. I attended the very first Lone Star Alliance female sale and have been heavily involved with each breeder’s program since then. Through the years of working for the American Angus Association and consulting for ranches across the nation, I have seen few Alliance groups last more than a couple of years. However, it has become obvious to me why this group has been so successful for both the Alliance members and their customers. They have stayed away from fads in the cattle business and have strived everyday to produce cattle that the industry needs to fit the environment and consistently produce a profit. It is obvious that the Lone Star Angus Alliance members are excited about the future of the cattle business.

Few Angus breeders ranch this far south in Texas due to the heat and humidity. The Lone Star Alliance members take pride in the fact that through strict culling practices, they are producing Angus cattle that not only survive in this environment but also thrive in it.

The LSAA members strive to keep making improvements in their genetics by using all of the resources available to them. These members utilize the vast data available in the Angus breed to produce cattle that not only excel in performance, but also for soundness, carcass, fertility and disposition.

Feel free to call me at (512) 413-1610 if I can be of any assistance.

- Casey Worrell

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